A few months ago I was in shock. I earned my first money as a zzp-er and the very first bill I had to pay, I made a mistake. I thought the number of the invoice was the accountnumber. It so happened that the invoicenumber was someone else’s accountnumber and...

for free

Here in Tou Scene is the most beautiful studio one can imagine. Huge windows overlooking the fjord. Right now I see the moon rise behind the snowtop of a mountain. FOR FREE.
Stavanger and Money

Stavanger and Money

Tou Scene, I have a studio with a view. Big and empty and 2 weeks to show my first work-in-progress. About MONEY. Stavanger is one of the richest places in the world because of oil. But they don’t seem to show. This is what I heard till sofar: ‘It is much...