Tou Scene, I have a studio with a view. Big and empty and 2 weeks to show my first work-in-progress. About MONEY.

Stavanger is one of the richest places in the world because of oil. But they don’t seem to show. This is what I heard till sofar:

‘It is much cheaper to have meetings abroad than in Norway self’ she answers when I notice that Norwegians seem to be traveling all the time. ‘Meetings, shopping, schoolexcursions, take a cheap flight and safe money abroad….’

‘Norway does not know what to do with its own richness. They lend it out for only 2% intrest to Germany to build roads, but their own roads suck.’

‘Norway has money to try things out, to try things with democracy, to be an example for the world, but instead they hide it. Very calvinistic.’