The hotel is totally empty and the palmtrees full of craws. We are not sure if we dare to stay here. But Hilary assures us it is safe and he and his wife live nearby, we are always welcome!


Hilary is a man, and I find out he is the casting director of ‘Paradies Liebe’ a great movie, very embarrassing, about German women and African gigolo’s.
Friday I will perform in his theater:


Thursday we spend all day trying to recharge the usb-internetconnector. The first 1.000 we loose, cause it is send to a wrong number, someone must be very happy… The second 1.000 is gone in a windblow, we use the wrong setting, pfff. With a lot of help of our friends we finally get it to work on Friday.

Friday starts with an interview with the national paper. Sylvania never has seen a one-woman show and we have a great talk about money. Hilary hopes the article will be published next week so it can help the publicity in Nairobi, ‘but maybe it will be published next month, this is Africa, you never know’ he says.

Then the show. Without a technician somehow I always blow up something. I forget to have the computer-settings right….and it is hot, so hot, I tear my shirt when I undress, it got totally stuck on me. No need to powder my face, sweat keeps dripping from my chin.


But it is great to perform in a theater, and it is great to get my first Shareholders in Kenya, Mombasa. We have lively talks about money and Mpesa. We talk about translating the play into Swahili and get locals to perform it here… (the same question I got in Germany).


Helen is a great cook and very generous.
Before lunch they show us the house they are building on a plot opposite our hotel. When the salary gets in they build. And sometimes half of the bricks get stolen that same weekend. That is how it is done here. We see many houses unfinished because of the economy.