In Stavanger, the last day of my stay at TOU scene, a junkie got in the space and stole my ipod. It was a nice old ipod, they don’t sell them anymore and I regret my loss.

But since I try to give every disadvantage a happy turn, I bought an iphone: € 600. One night, after a long workingsession, I closed my laptop and did not notice the wire of my iphone was in the way… laptop is weirdly squeezed, it needs repair: €500. But since it is 3 years old, I better get a new one: €1150

For my homeperformance I use my ipod-stereo. This always worked fine with my ipod. The iphone though is much heavier, the dock-connection got upset. It can’t be repaired. Well if I need a new one then I better buy a better one: €400.

Trapped in a multinational….