‘I earn as much in 45 minutes as my wife does in 1 year.’ This is what Arnoud Boot, a Dutch economist, told us a week ago and it keeps moving in my mind. His speech in 45 minutes or her translation of a book in a year is paid the same amount of money. It keeps on moving in my mind. Money is weird.

‘How nice it must be to do whatever you want and someone else is taking care of the money’ I think. And then I think: ‘how nice it must be to follow your passion, your destiny, and getting paid so well…’.

I want to be Arnoud Boot. And if I can’t be him I want to be his wife.

Hmm. And then I think about how my journey with or without money feels so adventurous right now. Part of me seems to be attached to ‘nothing to loose’ and ‘not knowing’…

But why that feels so adventurous is partly because the option is also open to becoming Arnoud Boot….. would not that shake up some identifications!