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It starts with paradise. Shareholder Ko, motorsafariguide in Kenya, comes to pick me up from the airport and for a few days I am his guest in this luxurious resort.Toilet, shower, swimmingpool, food, water everything is there. But at night huge insects find me in my... Lees meer


We rent a room with a schoolteacher with 6 children, 7 grandchildren, 5 chickens and several goats.The toilet is a hole in the ground, the shower the best I ever had: a bucket behind a wall of grass with no roof, we are in the middle of nowhere, in a house of stone... Lees meer


The hotel is totally empty and the palmtrees full of craws. We are not sure if we dare to stay here. But Hilary assures us it is safe and he and his wife live nearby, we are always welcome! Hilary is a man, and I find out he is the casting director of ‘Paradies Liebe’... Lees meer


NIGHT TRAIN On our way to Nairobi. We travel first class in a colonial night-train through wilderness parks. The conductor assures us to close the window at night, cheetah’s might want to come in… But we can’t stand the heat so we sleep with... Lees meer


NAIROBI Orchids, avocadotrees and all the other exotic green life.. Nairobi is peaceful and welcoming us. His place is great and Keith Pearson is a  wonderful man to stay with. ‘White people start with feeling guilty, if you are here longer things balance... Lees meer

6. NAIROBI/kibera

The nightbus to Mombasa, airport. The road is dark and full of holes and traffic but people assure me these busdrivers are the best.. I look at the pictures Laura made these last days. We took the tour through Kibera-slum. Impressive. I did expect dirt and poverty but... Lees meer


A few months ago I was in shock. I earned my first money as a zzp-er and the very first bill I had to pay, I made a mistake. I thought the number of the invoice was the accountnumber. It so happened that the invoicenumber was someone else’s accountnumber and... Lees meer

for free

Here in Tou Scene is the most beautiful studio one can imagine. Huge windows overlooking the fjord. Right now I see the moon rise behind the snowtop of a mountain. FOR FREE. Lees meer

Stavanger and Money

Tou Scene, I have a studio with a view. Big and empty and 2 weeks to show my first work-in-progress. About MONEY. Stavanger is one of the richest places in the world because of oil. But they don’t seem to show. This is what I heard till sofar: ‘It is much... Lees meer

New York

‘What was the highpoint of your trip’ vroeg M terwijl ik als ontbijt een soepje zat te eten in een boordevol cafe in University bij 11th Street. ‘The first night in New York, I did not expect that many people’, maar het was vol en men was enorm... Lees meer

Rhode Island

Vanavond treed ik op voor 30 arme gezinnen in een gymzaal. Met wat buro lampjes en mijn ipod. En simultaan vertaald in Spaans…geen idee wat me te wachten staat. Wat blijft er van me over zonder technikus.  Een technikus helpt vorm te geven. De spotlights maken... Lees meer


‘Is it family you are staying with, they must be millionaires’ roept de taxischauffeur uit. Ik verzeker hem dat dat niet zo is, dat het een activist for justice is die zijn levenlang gevochten heeft, bij wie ik logeer. ‘The founder of TimeBanks... Lees meer


Vliegveld Newark, platform C, ik weet het zeker. B heeft voor mij de goedkoopste route uitgezocht en samen hebben ze me op weg geholpen die ochtend en ik kom prachtig op tijd aan. Maar de beambte, die me alvast buiten zal gaan inchecken, vindt mijn nummer niet. Hij... Lees meer

Occupy Broadway

‘When its yellow, let it mellow/When its brown, flush it down’ hangt in de wc. Afval wordt gecomposteerd, prachtige kunst hangt aan de muren, langspeelplaten en een pick up doen de muziek, en zoveel geweldige boeken dat ik hier wel een maand wil zitten... Lees meer