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Yesterday I performed for the BankWizer International, telling my Dutch East India Company story to an international crowd. Two people from Djakarta told me how they never spoil any pepper. Or sometimes they do it on purpose to tell each other: “This is what... Lees meer

Forgiving in Istanbul

In Istanbul I performed on a conference at the University. During lunch I asked a professor how he thought about ‘forgiving’ as an economic option. He thought it was a good idea. “Do you think the Chinese will think this is a good idea too”? I... Lees meer

love or fear

‘Is it love or fear that drives me’ .. Herman Wijffels told us how this question always helped him to make decisions. ‘is it love or fear that drives me’ ‘is it love or fear that drives me’ ‘is it love or fear that drives... Lees meer

deep fear

Last week I thought I might die young. And it did not scare me. Quite the contrary. It felt like a relieve. If I die young I don’t have to take care of my pension,  a topic so boring and at the same time so disturbing to me, and such a relief to be freed from... Lees meer

how loosing an old ipod costs €2150

In Stavanger, the last day of my stay at TOU scene, a junkie got in the space and stole my ipod. It was a nice old ipod, they don’t sell them anymore and I regret my loss. But since I try to give every disadvantage a happy turn, I bought an iphone: € 600. One... Lees meer

creating money

‘Stop for a moment and ask yourself what you think having more money will give you that you don’t now have’ I read today. ‘Ask yourself what you want money to give you and then think of ways you could have the essence of those things right... Lees meer

1 year or 45 minutes

‘I earn as much in 45 minutes as my wife does in 1 year.’ This is what Arnoud Boot, a Dutch economist, told us a week ago and it keeps moving in my mind. His speech in 45 minutes or her translation of a book in a year is paid the same amount of money. It... Lees meer